So what is brewing at the Collective?  We have many big projects in the works over the coming months with many talented people contributing to them.  Have a look at a few of them below.

He we come: Peru and Bolivia

May-June 2013

The Collective’s Steven Shoppman and Lauren Lyons will be heading out to Peru and Bolivia giving the guy-girl perspective on all things high-andean. The two will be digging into local customs and cuisine, photographing, video taping and writing about the South American experience from a couple’s perspective. The idea of this project is to put adventurous trips within reach of the average person by including a wealth of tips and knowledge on everything from packing to navigating the complicated trip up to Machu Picchu.  With a focus on a more artistic expression through creative content production, this journey will be a beautiful and inspiring showcase of the exciting cultures and landscapes of Peru and Bolivia, as the journey culminates with their attendance of a traditional Bolivian wedding.

This will be the first in a series of more practical perspectives on travel helping the Collective audience get a jump start on planning their own adventures.  Much of the content from this new series will be featured in supplementary content for the upcoming Collective PBS television series called “The Journey,” which will premiere this summer on television.

He we come: Moscow and the Russian Countryside

May- 2013

The Collective’s Steve Bouey is setting off on a solo trip to Russia to learn the language, meet new friends and explore the parts surrounding the world famous capital, Moscow. Have you heard of Arzamas? Probably not, neither had we. Have you heard of the beautiful drives in the northern Russian countryside? Probably not. This series of “Here we come” will help to debunk the myths and preconceived notions of the less travelled parts of Russia.  Should you be afraid of the Russian Mafia, does anyone speak English outside of the major cities, how hard is it to learn mother Russia’s language, is Cyrillic difficult to read? These are all questions that Steve Bouey will be answering on his quest to find the unknown in Russia.

Uncovering Bavaria

July – August 2013 (Documentary Premiere in Sept 2013)


Since 1810, the Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest has been attracting millions of people to the southern region of Germany.  This world renowned event, which is now the largest fair on the planet, boasts over 5 million visitors from across the globe each year. For many, Oktoberfest is what defines Bavaria; a giant party full of beer drinkers, accordion music, and lederhosen, but Oktoberfest hardly scratches the surface of Bavaria.

So what’s under the surface? From the speed limitless Autobahn and the engineering mastery that brought us the automobile, to cuisine that is as varied as the colorful towns that dot the Bavarian countryside, there is much more to Bavaria than the touristic version that most people have come to associate with it. The World by Road Collective sets out to immerse National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, Steve Shoppman and Steve Bouey, into the diverse and intriguing world of southern Germany to bring adventure and culture together on a journey that will uncover the true roots of Bavaria.

Castaway on the Palmyra Atoll

May – June 2013


The little known island named Palmyra Atoll is 1000 miles away from Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Our newest addition to the Collective Team, Eric Pohlman, has recently taken the position as program manager for the island.  Under the management of The Nature’s Conservancy, the Atoll is off limits to the public, but not to Eric.  He has worked in many positions around the world including managing programs for exploration and research in Antarctica.  From May until August he will be photographing, filming video clips and writing stories about life on a remote island.  Depending on the number of scientists and personnel at any given time Eric will be on the island with around 20 people.

What is the thing he is most excited about? Watching coconut crabs husk coconuts and eat them.  The crabs are very rare, but inhabit the island and grow as large as 9 pounds. Eric’s perspective is going to be welcome content for our website and mission to bring unique content to our readers.

The World by Road Collective Speaking Series

A monthly event starting May 21st, 2012

Colorado is packed with incredible people.  Climbers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more live in Colorado or pass through it regularly. Colorado is home to the fifth busiest airport in the United States and a hub of transit in the USA, but Denver has become more than just a historic crossroads for people heading east or west. It’s a destination that continues to be a meeting place for many interesting and inspiring people. Whether it is the proximity to incredible wilderness or the crisp mountain air that brings people to Denver, The World by Road Collective has decided it is time to hear the stories of some of these amazing individuals.

Starting May 21st, 2012, the Collective will be hosting monthly speakers presenting on a wide range of topics from wild adventures around the world to innovations in their fields; in some cases the speakers will be a combination of both. The presentations will be hosted in bars and restaurants around Denver keeping the atmosphere fun and informal and allowing the audience to mingle with the speakers after their presentations.

Click here to read more about the series

Bike Driven and One Globe One Gear

August 2013 (18 month project)


One Globe One Gear is an unconventional “spin” on a classic around the world adventure: circumnavigation of the world by single speed bicycle. One Globe One Gear not only represents the first attempt at a true circumnavigation using only one gear, it is a tribute to the bicycle. Despite rapid advances in technology in an age where jet planes cruise the sky and rockets travel to distant planets, the bicycle still plays an integral role in cultures around the world. From commuting and commerce, recreation and competition, exploration and escape, One Globe One Gear is a documentary about human achievement and a celebration of one of the most versatile modes of transportation ever invented; an invention that continues to connect us as a global society.

The project will be released in two parts. First is a documentary film about bike community in Colorado, which is currently in post production and will be released summer 2013 and toured around the country to multiple different film festivals.  This tour will be the launch to the second part of the series, One Globe One Gear that will be an ongoing part of our new TV series called “The Journey,” showcasing bike culture and communities around the world.

Beyond Siberia: A journey from the freezing roads of Siberia to the Indian Ocean

Spring 2014


One of the more ambitious current projects of the Collective, Steven Shoppman will be heading a team to explore the remote wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula heading north to the very top of Siberia.  The team will be heading south following the Himalayas all the way to the Indian Ocean and ultimately the tip of India, for a North to South route across Asia.  The journey is a monstrous logistical undertaking as much of it is over frozen tundra on ice roads, or in some cases no roads at all.  With temperatures reaching 60 below zero exploring one of the least densely populated regions on earth this journey will take the audience from nothingness to the over populated hustle bustle of India over many of the least travelled routes on the planet. Currently in planning, the expedition is set to begin in late winter or early spring of 2014.

42 Years Later

July 2012 – Currently Postponed


Unfortunately due to the slow progress of the transition after the death of Gadhafi, the Collective has decided to postpone 42 Years Later.  This project is still very much a priority for the Collective, but with the hope of including more analysis of the future of Libya, the documentary has been postponed until news of a successful transition comes to light.  Our contacts in Libya are keeping us updated as the progress of things and as soon as we know we can gain access to the story we hope to produce, the project will be back online.  The mission is below.

42 Years Later is a documentary project spearheaded by adventurers and producers Steve Bouey and Steve Shoppman. This project seeks to answer the question: After 42 years under the rule of a tyrannical dictator, what causes a society to say enough is enough? As we explore the human condition and the elements that drive a culturally divided society to join hands in a revolution, our project will uncover the catalyst that drove this historic moment.  Through ground level, unfiltered interaction with Libyans a year after it all began, this film chronicles one country’s inspirational struggle from fear to freedom, a struggle that will influence social movements worldwide for years to come.


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