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Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales: Using Magic to Introduce Stockholm

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iPads are finding their way into every walk of life these days.  Doctors are using them to look at charts, they are used for surveys, and now many restaurants use them for interactive wine lists.  But the most innovative use to date is magic.  The first question out of your head might be, “iPads are like magic anyway, who cares if someone makes a computer program to do something fancy?” For Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales, they answer the question with style.  Their combination of traditional magic and the ever so versatile iPad makes for a great presentation at the MIPIM international real estate show this year in Stockholm.

With a mixture of humor and creative tricks with the tablets, the two present a quick vignette of what makes Stockholm a great place. What will be next with the iPad?

What the Hell is a Tuareg?

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To most people, when someone mentions the word Tuareg, they probably start thinking about the Volkswagen SUV, but what most people don’t realize is that the Tuareg are an ethnic group that has called the Sahara Desert home for centuries, although considering their nomadic background, home might not be the most appropriate descriptor. The Tuareg have recently been making some headlines, although you might have to dig a little to find those headlines.

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Know What You Are Getting Into: The Corruption Perceptions Index 2010

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As a backpacker, vacationer or tourist, travels are often not as affected when it comes to corruption. Without your own personal transportation, in many cases the wheels are already greased by the bus company, tour operator, or tout that is helping to get you through the craziness of less developed countries.  Whether a seasoned overland driver, hitchhiker, or weekend vacationer, Transparency International(TI) provides an invaluable service to help plan the next adventure on the list.  The latest 2010 corruption perceptions index is a colorful, interactive system to give the latest reports on which countries are abusing power the most. Read more

Goodbye 2011…

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Muammar Gaddafi waves goodbye (photo from PressTV)

2011 was a year of unprecedented change around the world. Grassroots protests topped longstanding dictatorships while others succumbed to natural causes. Time magazine selected The Protester as its person of the year for 2011 and with all the change protesters helped bring about in the world in 2011, 2012 is shaping up to be a year for travelers. In 2008, The World by Road was stopped dead in its tracks; barred entry to Libya because we were Americans. Three years later, the Arab Spring saw the forced resignations of long serving authoritarians in Tunisia and Egypt. Libya’s Col. Muammar Gaddafi didn’t go as willingly and was later captured and killed by rebel forces ending a bloody six month civil war. Protests have also gained momentum in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and most recently Russia, and if the events of North Africa are any indication, change is on the horizon in those countries as well. Read more

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