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Debauchery in Timbuktu

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When you travel to a place, you develop a connection with that place and the people who call that place home. Regardless of whether or not one’s personal experiences in a place are positive or negative, a connection is still made, and its often the case that the more random the place and the more unique the experience, the more powerful the connection. Personally, I feel all of these connections are positive, even the negative ones, because they are all learning experiences; it might just take a while for the dust to settle in order for one to find the good in something that was bad. As one continues to travel and continues to make more and more connections, it can become difficult to watch or read the news. The news is often focused on the negative; wars, natural disasters, politics, etc., so when a headline flashes across the television or scrolls across the computer screen and the location of that headline is a place with which you have made a connection, it can be emotional and frustrating and depending on how far away you are from that place you have connected with, can make you feel quite helpless.

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Celebrate Independence Day… All Month Long

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Revolutionary War – National Archives

July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. It’s celebrated with camping trips, barbeques and fireworks, although in Colorado the fire danger is so high, fireworks have been banned so we will stick to the beer and brats. Coincidentally enough, the United States isn’t the only country celebrating its independence in July. Although many people in the USA have probably heard of Canada Day and Bastille Day, nearly three dozen other countries and one breakaway republic celebrate their independence, or at least the precursor towards their independence such as the adoption of their respective constitutions or the day on which they became a republic, during the month of July. This year on July 9th, the newest nation in the world, South Sudan, will celebrate independence day for the first time. July is an active month around the world when it comes to nation forming, so no matter where you are, there are bound to be some celebrations going on nearby. Sadly, in a few of these countries, there actually is ongoing conflict, so fireworks in those places really might consist of “bombs bursting in air,” so keep your heads down and stay safe if you happen to be in one.

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Bike to Work Day Around the World

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June 27th in Colorado is Bike to Work Day; the rest of the country celebrated it last month but officials in Colorado, worried about the possibility of bad weather in the mile high state raining on the parade, pushed it back a month. I support biking to work, for me is convenient, and it’s cheaper and faster than driving. Little Pepe and the Thundra don’t fit into the tight parking spots in downtown Denver that well either, so I ride every day, even during the winter months here in Colorado. It’s only 5 miles each way and door to door it takes me about 20 minutes. For others, biking may not be so convenient; they might live farther away, they might not own a bike, or the thought of the slightest bit of physical exertion makes them shiver. Still, I am always amazed how the bike paths swell with pedal pushers and the highways empty themselves of cars on the last Wednesday in June in Colorado.

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Log Onto Skype, Go Straight To Jail

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Skyping In Siberia

Sounds like something you might hear if you travel to North Korea or another country with a repressive dictatorship. However, this is now the case in a country that has been fairly popular with travelers; Ethiopia. Ever since opening an account back in 2006, we have enjoyed using Skype to stay in contact with friends and family around the world and as communications technology has continued to advance, more and more people are connecting with one other and doing so with relative ease. To officials in Ethiopia though, this is a problem severe enough to warrant a 15 year jail sentence. That’s right. In essence, the Ethiopian government has banned the use of Skype within the country, although a government spokesman told the BBC that using Skype is not illegal, but making unauthorized calls on Skype is, whatever that means.

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May The Force be With you Young Russian Skywalker

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First of all, it goes without saying that you should not try this at home, and that the activity shown here is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. I guess you could say that this should be left to certified professionals, but since I don’t know what might qualify someone as a professional in this instance, other than being certifiable, just use your head. With the qualifier out of the way, this is freaking awesome. We here at The World by Road have always been fascinated with Russians and the latest trend out of Mother Russia has us salivating a bit and drooling over  some amazing and equally dizzying photos stemming from the latest boredom killing pastime for those who are not in the slightest bit faint of heart. It’s called skywalking or sky hacking and calling it crazy is an understatement.

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Happy May Day… Celebrate it in North Korea!

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May 1st, otherwise known as May Day or International Worker’s Day. May Day celebrations take on different shapes, sizes and forms around the world but to most people, when someone mentions its May Day, at least to those who have heard of it before, images of large, left-wing, Marxist rallies in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and in modern day communist countries or those heavily influenced by socialism typically come to mind. While Map Day is a celebration of the international labor movement and causes typically associated with far left leaning governments, May Day has spread and is a recognized national holiday in more than 80 countries and actually began as a commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago. Still, I can’t help but associate May Day with hard core communism and no place is more hard core when it comes to communism than North Korea. Here at the World by Road Collective, we have long been fascinated by North Korea; in part because of what we do know about this reclusive country, but even more so by what we don’t know about it.

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World Malaria Day: Prevent It and Eradicate It

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April 25th is World Malaria Day. Doesn’t really sound like something to celebrate does it? Fortunately, people in many parts of the world can sleep well at night knowing they don’t have to worry about contracting malaria, but there is a sizable percentage of the population to whom malaria still poses a risk, and that risk can be lethal. Malaria, which is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, kills about 650,000 people a year, although the number could be higher as under reporting remains an issue in many parts of the developing world. The key thing to note is that malaria is preventable and it is curable, and increased prevention and control measures have reduced the affect of malaria in many places. Obviously though, the fight is far from over.

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Happy Earth Day!

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Today is Earth Day, a day when people around the world take time to recognize and appreciate the earth’s natural beauty and environment and take some proactive steps to protect it. Some people plant trees, others pick up trash. The first Earth Day took place in 1970 and now is recognized in 175 counties around the world. As popular as it is, Earth Day still remains a somewhat controversial event for some, but regardless of whether or not you think Earth Day is some Pagan holiday celebrated by freakish hippies, I think most people can agree the environment is something that should be respected and protected. You don’t have to believe in global warming to feel uneasy about the buildup of trash along your local highway, and you don’t have to worship Mother Earth to appreciate the beauty of a nature preserve. So in honor of Earth Day 2012, whatever that means to you, here are some pictures from a pretty unique place in Chile, Reserva Biologica Huilo Huilo. I think everyone can agree its a place worth enjoying now and saving for the future.

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Must Attend: 64th Annual Conference on World Affairs

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Anyone in the Boulder, Colorado area should check out the 64th Annual Conference on World Affairs running all week at the University of Colorado Campus in Boulder. The conference includes more than 200 panel discussions, artistic performances and lectures presented by more than 100 experts in fields ranging from Foreign Policy to Technology and Social Media and the best part; it is completely open to the public. Anyone interested in learning more about the issues shaping our society should check out the schedule and try and attend some of the panels and workshops. You won’t be disappointed.

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Studying Abroad IS Good for You

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There has always been a sizable segment of the U.S. population that has viewed those who travel with a bit of contempt, believing travel is nothing more than an escape from reality, avoiding responsibility, taking a vacation. Given the stigma attached to travel, its not surprising that there is a similar stigma attached to studying abroad, but recent studies are finally starting to reveal the value, in quantitative terms, of international educational experiences.

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