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Mandela Day

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Today is Mandela Day. We wish a healthy and happy 95th birthday to Nelson Mandela and as he spends his 41st day in hospital in South Africa, hope for a quick recovery. But Mandala Day is more than simply celebrating the birthday of this great and inspirational man. The purpose is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. You can learn more about what others are doing and what you can do to help achieve that worthwhile goal on the Mandela Day website.



Alexander Polli Flies Through the Batman Cave…This guy is completely insane.

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These days there are countless names in the wingsuit flying world that are pushing the limits, getting arrested, getting hurt doing the wildest of flights. All of their stunts often get them some money or fame…maybe even some money.  Without a doubt their antics get the insane stamp smacked right across their forehead. Read more

The Streets of Afghanistan…

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… are filled with bombs, bloodshed and radical fundamentalists? A scan of newspaper headlines related to Afghanistan usually yields something negative. Typing the word Afghanistan into the Google News search engine a few minutes ago, the first three results were: “Afghanistan attacks kill dozens of civilians,” “Afghanistan War: Can the US gains last?” and “Pentagon changing lingo for growing threat in Afghanistan.” Not surprisingly, the images that appear alongside these media stories also depict scenes of violence, suffering and destruction. As a result, mention the streets of Afghanistan to someone passing by and they are almost guaranteed to conjure up something bad in their minds. To be sure, Afghanistan has its problems, but finally, someone has uncovered something else about the streets of Afghanistan; the streets of Afghanistan are vibrant, filled with life and frequented by beautiful people.

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