Aleksander Gamme shows us what it really means to be happy.

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For each of us, a few things in life truly give us bliss.  For some maybe it is sunsets, for others maybe it is watching their children grow up, but Aleksander Gamme did us all a favor to capture true bliss on video.

Alex is a Norwegian adventurer who recently made his way to the South Pole, all alone. He has gone on many adventures before this, including a climb up Mt. Everest, but the video below captures something that can make us all smile, and it is not some grandiose back flip or jump from the stratosphere.  It took him over 3 months to get there and back unsupported.  On his way to the South Pole, as part of the logistics of many adventures of this type, he left behind food and gear to lighten his load…many things, like food, that he would need months later on his way back. Read more

Air Travel and TSA Shenanigans Part 2

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Let’s face it, no one likes going through security at the airport. It is arguably one of the least enjoyable aspects of boarding a plane and traveling domestically or internationally. Most people have come to realize screening is a necessary evil and put up with the inefficient, invasive and sometimes humiliating process of going through security at the airport.

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Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales: Using Magic to Introduce Stockholm

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iPads are finding their way into every walk of life these days.  Doctors are using them to look at charts, they are used for surveys, and now many restaurants use them for interactive wine lists.  But the most innovative use to date is magic.  The first question out of your head might be, “iPads are like magic anyway, who cares if someone makes a computer program to do something fancy?” For Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales, they answer the question with style.  Their combination of traditional magic and the ever so versatile iPad makes for a great presentation at the MIPIM international real estate show this year in Stockholm.

With a mixture of humor and creative tricks with the tablets, the two present a quick vignette of what makes Stockholm a great place. What will be next with the iPad?