Czech vs. Chech

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As everyone is certainly well aware, there was a bombing last week at the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.  With no known terrorists organizations claiming immediate responsibility, an anxious public desperately searched for clues and eagerly waited for answers into the identity of the suspect(s). Wild speculation was the order of the day and pundits “in the know” even went as far as to incorrectly and absurdly spew theories about who did it, such as Fox News contributor and overall hack Erik Rush, who claimed “Muslims are evil. Let’s kill them all,” and that it was the Saudi’s who were to blame. A Saudi man was initially questioned by Boston Police but released shortly thereafter.

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The tallest bike in the world, and a ballsy rider to go with it.

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We have been working on a documentary about bike community for about a year now and are nearly finished. It is called Bike Driven, and over the course of the last year we have filmed some serious nutballs riding the funkiest of setups in Denver, even tall bikes, but none this tall. The bike is insane and the ride in the video is from a gathering called LA Bike Cult.

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Alexander Polli Flies Through the Batman Cave…This guy is completely insane.

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These days there are countless names in the wingsuit flying world that are pushing the limits, getting arrested, getting hurt doing the wildest of flights. All of their stunts often get them some money or fame…maybe even some money.  Without a doubt their antics get the insane stamp smacked right across their forehead. Read more

Don’t miss Will Laughlin Speaking about his Wild Aventure Runs!

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Will-Laughlin-FlyerWill Laughlin is going to be our next speaker.  If you don’t already know who he is, you should, because he is pretty awesome! His presentation will likely be one of our best yet!

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Aleksander Gamme shows us what it really means to be happy.

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For each of us, a few things in life truly give us bliss.  For some maybe it is sunsets, for others maybe it is watching their children grow up, but Aleksander Gamme did us all a favor to capture true bliss on video.

Alex is a Norwegian adventurer who recently made his way to the South Pole, all alone. He has gone on many adventures before this, including a climb up Mt. Everest, but the video below captures something that can make us all smile, and it is not some grandiose back flip or jump from the stratosphere.  It took him over 3 months to get there and back unsupported.  On his way to the South Pole, as part of the logistics of many adventures of this type, he left behind food and gear to lighten his load…many things, like food, that he would need months later on his way back. Read more

The Streets of Afghanistan…

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… are filled with bombs, bloodshed and radical fundamentalists? A scan of newspaper headlines related to Afghanistan usually yields something negative. Typing the word Afghanistan into the Google News search engine a few minutes ago, the first three results were: “Afghanistan attacks kill dozens of civilians,” “Afghanistan War: Can the US gains last?” and “Pentagon changing lingo for growing threat in Afghanistan.” Not surprisingly, the images that appear alongside these media stories also depict scenes of violence, suffering and destruction. As a result, mention the streets of Afghanistan to someone passing by and they are almost guaranteed to conjure up something bad in their minds. To be sure, Afghanistan has its problems, but finally, someone has uncovered something else about the streets of Afghanistan; the streets of Afghanistan are vibrant, filled with life and frequented by beautiful people.

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Debauchery in Timbuktu

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When you travel to a place, you develop a connection with that place and the people who call that place home. Regardless of whether or not one’s personal experiences in a place are positive or negative, a connection is still made, and its often the case that the more random the place and the more unique the experience, the more powerful the connection. Personally, I feel all of these connections are positive, even the negative ones, because they are all learning experiences; it might just take a while for the dust to settle in order for one to find the good in something that was bad. As one continues to travel and continues to make more and more connections, it can become difficult to watch or read the news. The news is often focused on the negative; wars, natural disasters, politics, etc., so when a headline flashes across the television or scrolls across the computer screen and the location of that headline is a place with which you have made a connection, it can be emotional and frustrating and depending on how far away you are from that place you have connected with, can make you feel quite helpless.

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Celebrate Independence Day… All Month Long

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Revolutionary War – National Archives

July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. It’s celebrated with camping trips, barbeques and fireworks, although in Colorado the fire danger is so high, fireworks have been banned so we will stick to the beer and brats. Coincidentally enough, the United States isn’t the only country celebrating its independence in July. Although many people in the USA have probably heard of Canada Day and Bastille Day, nearly three dozen other countries and one breakaway republic celebrate their independence, or at least the precursor towards their independence such as the adoption of their respective constitutions or the day on which they became a republic, during the month of July. This year on July 9th, the newest nation in the world, South Sudan, will celebrate independence day for the first time. July is an active month around the world when it comes to nation forming, so no matter where you are, there are bound to be some celebrations going on nearby. Sadly, in a few of these countries, there actually is ongoing conflict, so fireworks in those places really might consist of “bombs bursting in air,” so keep your heads down and stay safe if you happen to be in one.

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Bike to Work Day Around the World

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June 27th in Colorado is Bike to Work Day; the rest of the country celebrated it last month but officials in Colorado, worried about the possibility of bad weather in the mile high state raining on the parade, pushed it back a month. I support biking to work, for me is convenient, and it’s cheaper and faster than driving. Little Pepe and the Thundra don’t fit into the tight parking spots in downtown Denver that well either, so I ride every day, even during the winter months here in Colorado. It’s only 5 miles each way and door to door it takes me about 20 minutes. For others, biking may not be so convenient; they might live farther away, they might not own a bike, or the thought of the slightest bit of physical exertion makes them shiver. Still, I am always amazed how the bike paths swell with pedal pushers and the highways empty themselves of cars on the last Wednesday in June in Colorado.

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Log Onto Skype, Go Straight To Jail

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Skyping In Siberia

Sounds like something you might hear if you travel to North Korea or another country with a repressive dictatorship. However, this is now the case in a country that has been fairly popular with travelers; Ethiopia. Ever since opening an account back in 2006, we have enjoyed using Skype to stay in contact with friends and family around the world and as communications technology has continued to advance, more and more people are connecting with one other and doing so with relative ease. To officials in Ethiopia though, this is a problem severe enough to warrant a 15 year jail sentence. That’s right. In essence, the Ethiopian government has banned the use of Skype within the country, although a government spokesman told the BBC that using Skype is not illegal, but making unauthorized calls on Skype is, whatever that means.

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