Don’t miss Will Laughlin Speaking about his Wild Aventure Runs!

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Will-Laughlin-FlyerWill Laughlin is going to be our next speaker.  If you don’t already know who he is, you should, because he is pretty awesome! His presentation will likely be one of our best yet!

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Speaking Series Event #1 Trans-American Electric Bike Tour Hits Denver

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Boris is an avid cyclist and a serial entrepreneur specializing in technology and alternative transportation. Anna is an environmental scientist who loves the outdoors, as well being a seasoned bicycle enthusiast. The pair have been on the road for over a month and on Monday, May 21, will speak about their bike trip and the unique bikes they are riding at the Denver Beer Company at 7pm. You can find out more about the bike tour here:

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Must Attend: 64th Annual Conference on World Affairs

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Anyone in the Boulder, Colorado area should check out the 64th Annual Conference on World Affairs running all week at the University of Colorado Campus in Boulder. The conference includes more than 200 panel discussions, artistic performances and lectures presented by more than 100 experts in fields ranging from Foreign Policy to Technology and Social Media and the best part; it is completely open to the public. Anyone interested in learning more about the issues shaping our society should check out the schedule and try and attend some of the panels and workshops. You won’t be disappointed.

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